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Alpaca Wool Garments

Alpaca wool is considered a luxury fiber because it is as soft as cashmere and has the luster of silk. It is hypoallergenic (with zero itch factor!), has a wonderful luster and even though is light, it is also extremely warm.

The Alpaca Fiber has many unique qualities that make it far superior to other wools:

  • Alpaca contains microscopic air pockets that provide excellent thermal insulation making it amazingly warm. 
  • Alpaca Fiber is so strong and durable that the resulting apparel is long-lasting and wear resistant.
  • Alpaca maintains its appearance over time and pills less than Cashmere. Alpaca is much more resistant to wrinkles and traction than other wools.
  • Alpaca is lighter in weight than any other wool.
  • Alpaca's natural colors range from white to black with up to 22 shades of gray or brown in between.
  • There is minimal lanolin in Alpaca making it nearly hypoallergenic unlike most wool. If you suffer from allergies, or are prone to itching when wearing wool garments, this is the fiber for you!
  • Alpaca has great water absorption qualities.
Our garments are truly exquisite: each is HANDMADE, using the finest alpaca wool and knitting techniques. Each have the highest alpaca wool content in the market. Each one of our garments is offered in a wide array of colors. All this, at our exceptional Bohemia Style prices!

Alpaca Wool Garments
Alpaca Scarves
20 Products
Woven with 100% Suri Alpaca Wool (the finest in the world), with no synthetic fibers whatsoever, these incredible scarves are truly a find! Softer and rarer than cashmere, with zero itch factor, these scarves and stoles are truly luxurious!.
Alpaca Shawls, Wraps & Stoles
18 Products
Incredibly versatile, these shawls and stoles are a wardrobe basic. Incredibly comfortable, they are an ideal way to add warm without the weight or bulk of a coat.

Generously proportioned to provide ample coverage, these garments are as chic as they are practical. They look wonderful...
Alpaca Teddy Bears
2 Products
We all love stuff animals: they represent the softness, love and friendship we treasure from infancy through adulthood. Very often they are a child's first toy and most loved companion, or an endearing remainder of a sweetheart's affection. Sadly, mass produced, synthetic stuff animals are also a...
AMARU Alpaca Wool Coats and Jackets
7 Products
div> To own a coat or a jacket made from 100% Alpaca, Vicuña or Llama wool is to own a piece of wearable art. No other textile, not even cashmere, can compete in softness, warm, luxury, lightness and richness of color with the cloth achieved by the weave of 100% Alpaca wool.

Bohemia ...

Cloaks, Capes & Ponchos
21 Products
Truly luxurious, these  handmade Alpaca capes, cloacks and ponchos are so generously sized that they will take the chill out of the coldest winter afternoons!

Alpaca wool is comparable to Cashmere when it comes to comfort - with both fibers having a low micron count, however, th...

Hand Knitted Alpaca Socks
5 Products
Incredible! These hand knitted, 100% Alpaca wool socks are warm, soft, and so comfortable. Wear these "soft as a cloud" socks either as slippers or use them as traditional socks for outdoor activities such as winter hiking, skiing or sportsman activities.

On long days you will run...
Hand Knitted Sweaters
7 Products
These hand knitted sweaters and garments are lightweight, exceptionally warm, soft and luxurious. We used the highest quality alpaca and merino wool, and couple these exquisite yarns with great designs!

The Alpaca Fiber has many unique qualities that make it far superior to other wools: ...


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