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Copper Hair Pick
Copper Hair Pick 

Get rid of dandruff for good!

This comb is a MUST for Afro hair: Because of its tight curly texture and delicate scalp, black hair needs to be handled with extra care. In addition, relaxers are extremely harsh on the scalp, and leave users with severe dandruff problems. Daily use of our Cooper Comb has proven extremely effective against this discomfort!

A must have hygiene implement: this is the ultimate medicinal comb. Handmade from pure copper, it will help you control the most common scalp problems found today: dandruff, fungus, infections, irritations, dryness and itches.

No dandruff therapy is complete without a change of brush and comb. Dandruff is caused by micro-organism called pityrosporum-ovle, a yeast-like fungus found on healthy scalp in very low numbers. When we expose ourselves to dust, UV light, harsh chemical based shampoos, hair dyes, chlorine, even stress, this micro-organism multiplies rapidly, causing an unhealthy residue over the scalp that leads to dandruff. As the scaling and oiliness of seborrheic dermatitis increases, these yeast organisms thrive and multiply, causing scalp inflammation and producing yet more scaling. To aggravate the problem, these micro-organisms stick to your regular comb and brush. You re-introduce the problem every time you comb your hair!

This vicious circle is hard to break and treat with conventional therapy. Dandruff shampoos and lotions will temporarily relieve you from flakes and scaling, but they will not control the underlying cause of this scalp disorder: the micro-organism growth. That is why dandruff can be so resistant to treatment.

Copper, in its natural state, is covered by a thin film of cupric oxidation. When this substance comes in contact with moisture and air, it forms sulfate salts that are lethal to all microorganisms that cause skin disorders, specially pityrosporum-ovle . For that reason, copper has been medically recognized as a disinfectant, fungicide and germicide.

The friction of this copper comb with hair leaves a small quantity of cupric oxidation on your scalp, creating a hostile environment to any microorganism that causes dandruff and dermatitis. Your scalp will become clearer and healthy in a few weeks of daily use. There is no side effect to the use of this wonderful comb.

In addition, this comb will also help you fight the frizzes, caused by static. You will be able to easily maintain you hair style.

Our copper comb requires no special care. You can wet it, wash it and polish it. With time, it will acquire a beautiful brownish red tone. It comes in a nice cotton pouch. This hair pick measures 19 cms L x 3,5 cms H or 7 31/64 inches L x 1 45/64 inches H.


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