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Emuline Pure Emu Oil
Emuline  Pure Emu Oil 
One hundred percent pure Emu Oil! Perfect for extremely dry skin, inflamed joints, muscle sores and damaged skin (rashes, rosacea, psoriasis): 100 % pure and refined, this oil is a wonderful substance that cannot be absent from any home.

Use it on flaky, extremely dry skin: If your skin is so dry that has started to flake (or crack!), then look no further. You will have the sheen of a bathing suit model in 48 hours of bi-daily use. This oil is absorbed so fast that leaves absolutely no residue.

Use it to heal psoriasis, rashes and rosacea: The most widely prescribed creams for these ailments contains cortisone, which have awful side effects. if you need to use them for a prolonged time span, then the solution becomes as unbearable as the initial problem. Emu oil is as effective an anti-inflammatory as any cortisone, and has no side effects to speak of. In addition, Emu oil's fatty acids promote skin healing.

Use it to massage injured articulations (arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome) or muscle sores: better than any mentholated gel, Emu oil's anti-inflammatory properties, fast absorption and skin healing abilities are a godsend for these ailments.

Use it on stretch marks: Emu Oil's unsaturated fatty acids help skin recover its normal texture, color and tone. If this oil is paired with a strong natural exfoliating agent (we recommend Elicina or our Snail Extract Serum), stretch marks can be a thing of the past.

Use it on wrinkles and expression lines caused by dry or abused skin: If your skin is dry, then you are more susceptible to the appearance of wrinkles. Give your skin the tone, elasticity and moisture of youth by applying Emu oil in all your vulnerable areas.

Use it after suntanning: Your tan will last longer, and your skin will glow. Reduce the sun's damaging action by applying Emu oil in your skin.

Use it on your lips, to prevent premature aging and to "plump" them: Emu oil restores your lip's delicate skin, making them softer, plumper, more enticing!

Presented in a convenient 30 Ml (small enough to carry in your purse) glass bottle, with a spray applicator.


Price: £34.08 (€ 46.87)


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