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Fade scars and Skin Blemishes with Elicina Cream
Fade scars and Skin Blemishes with Elicina Cream 
Organic, natural and hypoallergenic, Elicina is the miraculous cream that reduces scars (even old, raised, keloid scars)

What is Elicina's secret? It lies on its patented snail serum component. The Chilean snail 'Helix Aspersa Muller' secretion contains an extraordinary combination of natural substances that have proven beneficial healing properties for the human skin. The physical and chemical analysis carried out on my extract proved that its contents appear in natural form, and includes the following elements:
1. Natural Allantoin: Not like other dermatological products which obtain allantoin synthetically by laboratory means. Allantoin is what makes the regeneration of your skin possible: scars and marks disappear, zits, pimples heal quickly, leaving no marks.
2. Proteins, Vitamins and Antibiotics: Resulting in richness and softness of your skin, while keeping bacteria away.
3. Natural Collagen & Elastin: The main components of the human skin connective tissue.
4. Natural Glycolic Acid: This is what makes possible the skin exfoliation or peeling, eliminating dead cells. This allows Elicina to progresively work on the scar tissue, improving its color and texture. Since the Glycolic Acid found on Elicina is not synthetic, it does not irritate your skin .

Elicina contains an outstanding 80% snail serum content, with only 20% excipients (additional ingredients),

Elicina is presented in 40 grams (1.41 oz.) jar, at this unsurpassed price! check for bundle prices on Elicina visiting our Elicina section.


Price: £21.74 (€ 29.90)


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Fade scars and Skin Blemishes with Elicina Cream

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