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Keratin Reconstructive and Straightening Products

We LOVE Jennifer Aniston's hair:  shinny, healthy, great cut, great color, slick straight, always neat.  Simply great hair!  It is a surprise to many that her natural hair is anything but great:  coarse, frizzy, damaged and with an unflattering moussy brown.  The same can be said for the sultry Jennifer Lopez.

Young Jennifer

The Glorious Ms. Aniston now

Jennifer Lopez then

Gorgeous JLo now

As a talented movie stars, you must imagine that they spend at least 12 hours a days in a hair salon, tending their difficult tresses:  nothing farther from the truth!  Ms. Aniston and Ms. Lopez are very busy women.  What is their secret?  How did they achieved such a different head of hair from the one nature gave them?  The answer is easy:  Keratin Treatments.

The first Keratin Treatments were developed in Brazil, where Creole hair texture, heat and high humidity are not conductive to neat hair. 

The premises of Keratin Treatments is simply change the structure of your natural hair.


Hair's appearance depends, to great extent, on the condition of its cuticle:  the scaly, delicate cover made of Keratin.  Healthy hair has a smooth cuticle, where every scale is sealed flat.  That allows proper light reflection (shinny hair), silky texture on every strand, bounce and resistance to frizz, humidity, heat and static.  The moment the hair cuticle loses its smoothness, hair starts to look like steel wool:  cuticle's scales open, leaving hair structurally damaged (and ugly). 

Hair Structure

Hair Cuticle with Minor Damage

Keeping hair's cuticle in top shape is easier said than done... until now. 

Traditional hair products are of SOME help, but even the best shampoos, hair conditioner or massage cream cannot penetrate the hair's cuticle or repair it.  That is why most of us throw money away on expensive products that yield lackluster results.  Nevertheless, we keep hoping, searching and spending money on that elusive solution to perfect hair...

Keratin Treatments are not a temporary, coat only solution to the damage of hair's cuticle:  since the cuticle is made from the same Keratin, the treatment BINDS to the cuticle, restructuring it, re-creating your hair!

As a religious experience, there is a Before and an After in the life of every woman that tries Keratin Treatments.  Simply, there is not going back:  no more bad hair days, no more ridiculous expenses on hair products, no more  blow dryer, rollers or hot plate styling, just gorgeous, straight, healthy hair right off the shower for 4 to 6 weeks.  Benefits are cumulative, as hair becomes more precious and treatments last longer after every application. 

In the United States, Canada and most of Europe, Keratin Treatments are a hush-hush secret available to very few:  the products are application are extremely costly:  very few selected salons in Miami, LA and New York offer the treatment, starting at $600.00 or more per application.  Nevertheless, there is simply no reason why every woman could not enjoy the benefits of this product: Application is easy and the product is very affordable.  You can apply it at home or take the kit to your nearest salon for application:  any hair stylist capable of applying hair dye will be able to follow the simple instructions.

Bohemia Style proudly brings you the best Keratin Treatment brands available in the market:  proven to be work and be 100% Formaldehyde free.

Are you ready to look like a Movie Star?

Keratin Reconstructive and Straightening Products
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Keralizz Keratin Treatment, 50 mL
Keralizz Keratin Treatment, 50 mL
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