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Natural Beauty - Health Products

Organic products for grooming and personal care, the way nature intended! Find beauty and health with our collection of natural cosmetics products and supplements.

Additives, additives, additives... they are everywhere now days. Trying to have a natural (and healthy) life style in this day and age is becoming increasingly difficult.

No industry is so plagued with chemicals as the cosmetic industry: if you ever read the ingredients list of you favorite soap, you will feel like an experiment yourself! It is daunting. Also, our modern cosmetics are produced thanks to inhuman animal testing, promoted by sky high budget (and in great part, deceiving) marketing strategies, and packaged in unecological wrappings.

What do we get for all this trouble? allergic reactions, patches of dry skin, blemished complexions that find no relieve, and endless trips to the dermatologist.

You will not find anything unnatural in our Beauty and Health collection: Each product is made from natural, organic ingredients, following time honored recipes. Their texture, fragrance and healing properties are derived directly from nature, the way she intended!

Natural Beauty - Health Products
Algae (Seaweed) Cosmetics
20 Products
Algae (commonly referred to as Seaweed) is an everyday miracle. The benefits of including seaweed’s optimum nourishment into your daily diet are extensive: increased longevity, enhanced immune functioning, revitalization of the cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive, and nervous systems, and relief...
Argireline Creams
5 Products
Be wrinkle free naturaly with our 10% Argireline Creams.
Argireline ® is a unique new hexapeptide that both reduces the degree of existing facial wrinkles and has been demonstrated effective against their development. Controlled studies have also demonstrated that facial wrinkle dept...
Caviar Skin Care
4 Products

A breakthrough on anti-aging therapies: Caviar, that gourmet delicacy, is also an unbeatable skin care ally!

Caviar has a combination of proteins, low glycemic carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids. One of the main ingredients of Caviar is DMAE. DMAE is a nutrient that hel...

Donkey Milk Cosmetics
9 Products
This exclusive, innovative cosmetic line, based on 100% natural Donkey's Milk, is especially good for adults and infants with sensitive skin!

Last year, archaeologists in London discovered what may be a 2,000 year old jar of face cream. The ingredients are unknown, but one leading...
Elicina Cream & Elicina Products
44 Products

Elicina, the unsurpassed beauty skin cream, is offered at the lowest price in the UK and Europe: One Elicina jar for £18.12, two Elicina jars for £33.35, three Elicina jars for £50.16, four Elicina jars for £60.08, plus many other bundled deals, including wholesale offers! 

Emu Oil Cosmetics
15 Products

Emus are big birds native of Australia that resemble a small ostrich. Emu oil was discovered by Aborigines many thousands of years ago as a skin moisturizer, antiseptic, and as an aid in the relief of sunburn, muscular aches and joint pain, as well as aiding in the healing of injuries. <...

Essential Oils
9 Products

One hundred percent pure essential oils for aromatheraphy or cosmetic use, at incredible low prices!

Facial Brighteners
7 Products
Facial Brighteners are the new vogue in anti-aging products. The reason is, literally, easy to see: they restore that bright, radiant look of youth all over your face, décolleté and neck. While keeping as wrinkle free as possible is, naturally, very important, one can defeat all efforts if our sk...
Grape Therapeutic Beauty Products
7 Products
Refreshing beauty products with all the anti-oxidant advantages of grapes! Wine is not the only good thing that comes from vines.

Grapes contain a great amount of nutritional elements in the form of vitamins, oligo-elements and essential oils. When these elements are combined to h...
Hair and Scalp Care
13 Products

We proudly bring your this collection of natural products for hair and scalp care. Our shampoos, conditioners and grooming accesories will bring out the natural beauty of your hair, and help balance to your scalp gently, without the use of harsh chemicals.

Handmade Soaps
43 Products
You will find no additives of any kind in our handmade soaps! Are you ready to cleanse yourself the natural way? We invite you to try them. Leave the chemical lab behind and pamper your skin with handmade soaps, crafted with ancient recipes and all natural ingredients.

Many people...
Natural Aloe Vera Products
7 Products
Aloe Vera has a most ingenious natural mixture of an antibiotic, an astringent coagulating agent, a pain inhibitor and a growth stimulator (also called a "wound hormone"), whose function is to accelerate the healing of injured surfaces. As such, Aloe Vera gel has been used for burns...
Natural Dietary Supplements
12 Products
Find your way to beauty and harmony the natural way! Our supplements are made to the highest pharmaceutical standards, using only the highest quality natural products. You will find no additives or chemically enhanced substances. These supplements will gradually but surely drain accumulated toxin...
Natural Soap ® Cosmetic Line
48 Products
This young, innovative Chilean company specializes in 100% natural, organic cosmetics elaborated by artisans, making of each soap bar, oil bottle, scented pillow and bath product a unique experience.

They use only natural, biodegradable ingredients of organic, mineral or vegetable...
Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Care
11 Products
Pregnancy raises a whole new spectrum of cosmetics needs... it is an exciting and wondrous time, and with a little bit of care, you will go through it without losing one ounce of your natural beauty.<

One of the aspects that worry most women during the pre-natal and post-natal ...
Raspberry Ketone Supplements
1 Products

Bohemia Style introduces the only completely organic, 100% natural Raspberry Ketone supplement, in its most effective strength!

Raspberry Ketones are not new:  many cientific studies have been done on the effects of ketones on weight loss.  Raspberry ketones are organic ...

Rose Hip Beauty Products
43 Products

Rosehips are wild bushes that grow in the central and southern part of Chile. The climate and the isolated region where Rosehip develops, between the Andean mountains and the Pacific Ocean, the absence of pollution and soil characteristics combine uniquely to give the most optimum conditions...

Snail Serum & Snail Extract Products
22 Products

The world's most complete collection of Snail Secretion Organic Cosmetics. Each of these wonderful products are based on the extraordinary skin regenerating properties found on the secretion of the Chilean snail 'Helix Aspersa Muller'.

These products are the best natural al...

Stem Cell Skin Care
2 Products

Our sales manager is not given to profanity:  a lady in brought up in the best South American tradition, she has never resorted to strong language in over 38 years in this business.  Yet we could all hear the damnation almost surfacing in her voice as she described what age was...

Therapeutic Bath Salts and Bath Additives
5 Products
Atacama Desert Bath Salts are the ultimate in luxury, because they have higher minerals content than ordinary salts.

These rich in mineral salts, found in the Famous Atacama Desert, are unique in character and famous for their healing and therapeutic properties. They help to relie...
Thermal Water Cosmetics
4 Products
Water is life and well being! Since ancient times, thermal baths have been considered a strong health ally. Evidence of this begins in the distant past where ancient sites and artifacts reveal a story in prehistoric waterworks. The development of thermal pools and springs, the fabled "sacred well...
Trans Dermal Beauty Patches
11 Products

Say good by to creams! The new cosmetic trend is trans dermal patches. Why? Because they use our skin to effectively, continuously, deliver their beauty agents into our skin and organism.

Our Beauty patch line heals, cleans and detoxes. Patches are the poultices of the XXI ce...

Organic Skincare & Beauty Solutions
77 Products
Bohemia Style has organized its ever growing selection of organic, natural cosmetic products into this comprehensive guide. Here you will learn not only which of our natural cosmetics are most beneficial for any particular skin condition or beauty problem at hand, but why the organic approach wor...

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