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  Bohemia Style UK  - Natural Beauty - Health Products - Elicina Cream - Other Premium Organic Cosmetics Based on Snail Extracts and Snail Serums - Offer! Two Emuline Absolute Facial Recovery with Snail Serum, Emu Oil and Vitamin E for 21.10

Offer! Two Emuline Absolute Facial Recovery with Snail Serum, Emu Oil and Vitamin E for 21.10
Offer!  Two Emuline  Absolute Facial Recovery with Snail Serum, Emu Oil and Vitamin E for 21.10
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The most complete skin rejuvenator and facial brightener in the market! This extraordinary product addresses all modern skin care concerns.

Its innovative formula combines the skin repair and exfoliating action of the famous Helix Aspersa Muller snail secretion with the moisturizing power of Emu oil and antioxidant properties of Vitamin E, to produce a soothing, light cream that your skin will love. See how expression lines, wrinkles, age spots, scars, and other skin blemishes disappear, at the same time that you recuperate that bright, radiant glow of youth!

One the main complains people have the popular snail extract creams, like Elicina, Celltone and Elina, is their harshness on the skin: the reason is these products contain no moisturizing agents at all. Therefore, your skin can feel tight and upset to some degree when applying it, furthermore in winter time. If you already have dry, delicate or mature skin, then this effect is highly undesirable. In addition, they do not constitute a complete skin care solution: You need to use additional products to insure proper moisture, environmental protection and radiance.

Emuline Absolute Facial Recovery cream solved these problems. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of the best snail extract product, at the same time that you moist and nourish your skin and protect it from ageing free radicals. Its formula has important improvement over traditional snail secretion creams:
1) It is formulated with pure snail secretion serum, instead of snail secretion extract. What is the difference? The extract contains distilled water, along with the snail secretion. This dilutes the product and its properties. The serum is pure snail secretion, unaltered and, therefore, highly potent. That insures that not only your age spots, wrinkles and expression lines will disappear, but also that dull, kind of splotchy quality that "mature" (and not so mature) skins unfortunately have.
2) This cream contains a high concentrate of pure Emu oil, cold pressed and refined six times, for an unsurpassed emollient effect.
3) The cream also contains vitamin E, an powerful natural antioxidant that protect the skin from the aging effects of free radicals.

The resulting product feels like silk! It is easily absorbed, hypoallergenic and with neutral PH. See how your skin "drinks" this cream, and get ready to see an incredible improvement in your complexion!

Bohemia Style is one of the few authorized distributor of this innovative product worldwide, which has allow us to offer it at this unsurpassed price (it retails for more even in Chile, its country of origin!). Ready to enjoy the savings and have gorgeous skin to boost?

Presented in a 40 gr. (1.4 oz) glass jar.


SKU EMU-Snail2
Weight 0.90 lbs
Price: £23.97 (€ 34.86)


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