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Organic Skincare & Beauty Solutions

Bohemia Style has organized its ever growing selection of organic, natural cosmetic products into this comprehensive guide. Here you will learn not only which of our natural cosmetics are most beneficial for any particular skin condition or beauty problem at hand, but why the organic approach works better than modern, chemical filled beauty products.

We invite you to discover with us the basis of natural herbs, oils and ingredients, applied to the cosmetic world. Share with us your experiences as these products cure, once an for all, your beauty and skin ailments in a consistent, gentle and economic way!

Organic Skincare & Beauty Solutions
Definitive Cure for Dandruff - Itchy Scalp
4 Products
Dandruff is a condition marked by excessive flaking and scaling of the scalp. The dead surface cells on the top are constantly being scraped off, but they are so tiny that we don't notice them. In a normal scalp, unaffected by a dandruff problem, this process takes about 28 days for a cell to mov...
Eliminate Wrinkles the Natural Way
10 Products

People often get an idea of your age by looking at your skin...specially your face! Many factors, as skin tone, genetics and bad past habits (smoking, tanning, poor skin care routine) might contribute to give you an older look than your chronological age.

When a person is y...

Fade Scars & Blemishes
6 Products
Scars can never be really gone... but they can fade to almost disappear! Traditional scar treatment is expensive, painful, and most likely, will involve lasers, needles, simple surgeries, and lots of tears.

Organic cosmetics offer a wonderful, inexpensive solution for erasing not ...
For Beautiful Hands and Feet!
7 Products
Your hands and feet are one of the hardest working body parts you posses. It takes a little bit of effort to keep them on top shape!
We all have been disappointed with the look of our hands and feet from time to time.  Many of us dread the summer...w...
Natural Acne Treatments
7 Products

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases, and one of the most devastating! Not only it is unsightly, but it can leave severe scarring.

Acne commonly starts in the early teen years (even though stress induced adult acne cases are more frequent now). Hormones, stress or her...

Natural Care for Normal Skin
4 Products
Your skin is normal... congratulations! Normal skin is everybody's goal. Supple and soft, it radiates health.

Most of us have normal skin a few weeks during the year (our skin tends to by dryer in the winter months, oilier during summer). Switching products during this time is a g...
Natural Lips & Eye Care
10 Products

The delicate eye & lip area needs particular attention to avoid the signs of ageing. The skin surrounding these areas is thinner, with less underlying fat than the rest of our face.

For that reason, it is so prone to show signs of stress , tiredness, pollutants, and exp...

Natural Slimming & Cellulite Control Products
11 Products

Trim your body, firm your skin, and get rid of cellulite with our innovative slimming products.

What would you do if you were 8 pounds lighter? A normal, healthy and young body should not have excess fat nor cellulite. Nevertheless, it is nearly impossible to maintain that ...

Say Goodbye to Razor Bumps!
3 Products
Ingrown hairs occur when hair curls and penetrates the skin with its tip, causing inflammation. The process of blade shaving can cut the hair at an angle, making it sharp. Most common symptoms of an ingrown hair is inflammation (red and sore skin) followed by pus, sometimes leading to bleeding an...
Soothing Relief for Dry Skin
17 Products
The elements take a lot of essential moisture out from our skin, even young skin. Most of us suffer from dry skin during the harsh winter months. Even our favorite pastimes (water sports, skiing, gardening, etc) take their toll in our complexion, hands, feet, legs.

Modern cosmetic...
Stretch Marks Treatment & Prevention
3 Products
Until recently, stretch marks were viewed as the inevitable consequence of pregnancy or puberty. That no longer need to be true!

Stretch marks happen when the tissue under the skin is pulled by rapid growth or stretching. Although the skin is usually fairly elastic, when it's over...

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